4th Orleans Fallingbrook Scouting Group

The purpose of the page is to share information on who 4th Orleans is, and what we are doing. We are located in the Fallingbrook Community, in Orleans of the city of Ottawa, Ontario. We meet at the Fallingbrook Elementary School and cover the areas known as 'Fallingbrook', 'South Fallingbrook', 'SouthEast Innes' and 'Avalon'.

Scouts Canada and 4th Orleans place great importance on creating a fun and safe environment for our members, especially children and youth. How do we create this environment? It’s a reflection of the culture of safety that extends throughout the organization. 

With that in mind it is required that any adult attending an overnight scouting event has watched Scouts Canada's Child and Youth Safety video. Follow the link below to access the video and, once complete, inform your section's contact leader that you've watched the video.

Scouts Canada - Child and Youth Safety Training Video

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